Peptide Synthesis

Peptides can be made in almost all purities and quantities from 1 mg up to multiple grams. Peptides are delivered worldwide to research institutions, universities, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

CASLO guarantee the quality and specifications of peptides, and peptides are supplied with money back guarantee. Peptides are shipped together with a detailed product certificate containing all analytical data. 

Peptides synthesis is offered in crude purity or as HPLC purified peptides with purities of: >70%, >75%, >85%, >90%, >95% or >98% and for some peptides >99%.

The correct sequence of an ordered peptide is verified and documented by mass spectrometry. Peptides are delivered together with HPLC and mass spectrometry certificates.

If required CASLO can assist with finding the correct peptide purity for the application the peptide will be used for. If you have other doubts about how to design your peptide, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Peptide synthesis can be made in quantities from 1 mg up to multiple grams. Peptides can be supplied in aliquots of appropriate sizes.

Peptides are as standard made as lyophilized trifluoroacetate salts, but peptides can also be supplied as acetate or chloride salts. Peptides are packed under dry conditions with desiccant packs.

A large range of peptide modifications during or after peptide synthesis are possible, for example conjugation to carrier proteins, fluorochromes or biotin and many other modifications. Please click on "Peptide Modifications" on the menu bar for more information.

CASLO can predict an approximate solubility of a peptide sequence and give guidelines for how to dissolve a peptide before it is ordered. If the solubility is low, the peptide can eventually be ordered with a hydrophilic extension in order to increase the aqueous solubility. Solubility test can also be ordered when an order is placed for the peptide.

For further peptide synthesis or processing by customers, peptides can be supplied crude, fully protected and conjugated to resin.

If the peptide sequence contains several cysteines, or other reactive amino acids, which are easily oxidized, CASLO offers that peptides are delivered with traces of the strong reductant DTT. The peptide is only delivered with DTT if this is specified in the order.